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about us

Sports Power Rosebud was established in August 2006 by Jeff Swagemakers. Raising 5 kids on the Mornington Peninsula who were heavily into sport, Jeff and his wife, Petrina, often found it tricky to purchase sporting goods the closest store for such requirements was in Frankston.  His aim was to open up a sporting goods business to provide for the local community.

Encouraged by his family, Jeff opened the store from scratch on the main street of Rosebud with the help of his wife, his kids, and an army of friends. Over the first 5 years, with the fantastic support of the local community, the shop grew beyond capacity and the decision to relocate was made.

Upholding the value of being ‘A Local Family Supporting the Local Community’, all 5 of Jeff’s kids have worked casually in the store, along with close friends, to maintain the close-knit family feel. It is a high priority of the store to give back to the community who are so vitally important to the ongoing success of the business. Jeff has provided work experience to many students from local schools, some of whom have become valuable employees.

Sports Power Rosebud is proud to provide sponsorship and donations to assist many local community groups and schools, ranging from junior and senior sporting clubs, through to major fundraising events such as the Australia Day Fun Run and the Rye Gift.

Jeff, Petrina, and the rest of the Sports Power Rosebud family would like to thank the local community for their ongoing support and helping to make Sports Power Rosebud the premier sporting goods store on the Mornington Peninsula. They hope to continue this great partnership for years to come.